Selling Nero & automation

Selling Nero

Solution vs Product – The critical difference

Automation isn’t like buying a TV or selecting light switches. As a product, automation is more difficult to understand and compare. Instead your sales process should focus on the solution and experience of that solution for that customer. Always focus on the experience of owning a smart home and remember to go beyond just controlling a demo system from your phone.

Why would someone want a smart home?

The answer to this question might seem obvious to those of us in the industry who see the things that can be accomplished daily, but to the average home user it can seem like just some extra complications to their light switches. You will hear many variations of “But I can just walk over to the switch” if you only focus on the ability to control lights from a mobile device. Remember that this is ultimately the question that needs to be answered in your customers mind, “what is the benefit of me spending this money?”

Selling the Smart Home

Fast installation and commissioning

Nero was developed to be easy not only for the end user, but also for the installer. Product cost is only part of the equation, if installation was complicated and took many hours to complete per device then any cost benefit of the device would be wiped out by the labour. Confident installers can have a Nero in-wall device installed, configured, and customised for the load its controlling in under 20 minutes.

Start small and expand over time

Unlike wired automation systems Nero can be as small as a single automated device to start with and expanded little by little as finances allow. This means you don’t need to start with a greenfield site to get the most out of automation, you can take any existing home and make it smart. The ability to easily expand the system over time also provides a perfect opportunity to re-market to your customers, checking in with them annually to expand and improve their system.

Works with your favourite things

Already got smart things in your home? Philips Hue, LIFX, Sonos, and Nest are just some of the popular retail products Nero supports and can integrate with out of the box.