Introducing Nero

Introduced in 2016, Nero is the second generation of the Environexus smart home. Leveraging the latest Z-Wave chipset, Nero devices have greater battery life, greater wireless range, and greater wireless bandwidth than our previous generation Nexus devices.

Nero leverages deep integration between hardware and software that allows the system to deliver high end automation capabilities at an affordable price and able to be installed in any home, existing or new. You can even extend your Nero system with many of the most popular smart home products.

Nero also works well with your favourite things


Nero integrates well with the entire Sonos product range, allowing you to control your Sonos speakers as part of scenes, from the My Nero app, and even remotely. Leveraging geofences in the My Nero app, you can configure your Songs speakers to always welcome you home with your favourite playlist or radio station.

Smart speakers and voice

Through our partnership with SmartVoice, you can integrate Nero with all the major smart speaker platforms, giving you voice control over your home. “Alexa, turn down the lights!”

LIFX and Philips Hue

Already have a heap of LIFX or Philips Hue bulbs in your home? Integrate them with Nero and gain even greater control over the lighting environment in your home, setting colours to match a mood theme or simply ensuring they follow the state of the rest of your home. You can extend the functionality of your smart bulbs by using Nero devices behind wall switches, ensuring you can turn them on and off normally from the wall without losing smart functionality by cutting off their power.