Introducing Environexus

Environexus was founded in 2013 with the goal to bring the benefits of the smart home to Australian homeowners. Our aim is to make home automation accessible to the average home, both in usability and value for money.

While everyone would love to be able to build a home from the ground up that is entirely automated we know that isn’t an option for everyone. The cost pressures of building are already high and for many home builders adding in full home automation is not going to happen. Focusing on new builds also ignores the millions of homes that are already built in Australia alone.

Environexus, making everyday devices amazingly intelligent.

The retrofit solution

To ensure that the smart home is available to everyone, Environexus focuses on developing a fully retrofittable smart home solution. There is no need for specialised wiring, bus cabling, or switch gear when automating a home with Nero. This offers the maximum in flexibility, even allowing a single switch plate to control both automated and standard lights.

This allows for a system to start small and expand over time. A Nero install may start in only a single room and over the space of a few months or years expand to the whole home.