Advanced automation behaviour

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Get creative with your automations

Nero scenes have a wide array of overrides that can be applied to them. You can configure scenes that only run when no one is home (the house mode is set to Away) or that run custom code to trigger other systems or functions. The Advanced Editor will even allow you fine grain control over exactly what steps are performed, allowing you access to every single function a device profile is capable of.

House mode overrides

Nero’s House Modes function can be used as an overrides for automations, requiring that the system is in a particular mode before running. For example you can create scenes that only operate when you are away, like closing the blinds if the temperature gets too high or low, or you can create scenes that only operate when someone is Home, like playing music on your Sonos speakers.


Any automation in Nero can be configured to send notifications to specified users when it runs. The type of notification sent will depend on the users configuration, the most common being push notifications.

Want to know when your children arrive home from school? Create a geofence scene for their device that notifies you of their arrival while also welcoming them home with lights on and music playing.

Run your own code

Using our combination of Lua and UPnP (called LUUP) you can configure a scene to run your own custom code. This could be simple commands that are received by another Nero gateway or a third party system on the LAN all the way up to complex scripts that fetch remote information and use it locally.

For more about running code go to our Help Centre and search for “LUUP”. If you have any questions please get in touch with the support team.

Customise every command

Want to get a better feeling for exactly what is happening with a device or want to run commands that can’t be selected from the normal builder? Enter the advanced builder and gain fine grained control over your scene, configuring any command you want. This is especially powerful when working with Sonos as you can trigger playlists and other functions in this building that aren’t available in the wizard.

Not every function in a profile can be actioned by every device! Profiles are generic implementations of device functionality but not all devices are required to support every function. If a step you have specified isn’t working first confirm that the device you are trying to control supports that command type.