Airtopia Climate Control

Control a wide range of IR and bus based air conditioning and heating systems from within Nero utilising Airtopia’s Australian developed and built solution.




This is a premium plugin/cloud service available for the Nero system. License and installation fees may apply. Approved installers may be required by the plugin provider. Check with them for more information.

Simple systems to deliver sophisticated control and more efficient management of air conditioning.

From smartphone control of individual split systems to central management of multi unit and multi site installations.

BMS ready air quality products targeting total wellbeing.

Airtopia takes air quality oversight a step further with devices to monitor and manage temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels.

Optimise air comfort and air quality

Exacting oversight of CO2, temperature and relative humidity in managed environments

Centrally monitor and manage multi unit installations

Delivers real time overview and central control of multiple split systems, plus a full operational history of each individual unit.