Live independently for longer in your own home with Nero.


Living@Home is all about ensuring you can live in your own home in comfort, where we’d all rather be, for as long as possible.


With our Living@Home partners your smart home can help support you, letting carers know if you need extra support.


A smart home is all about greater comfort for you. With Nero you can make your home easier and more comfortable to be in.

Nero smart advantages

Being able to stay in our own homes as we age has been shown to have greater mental and physical health outcomes. By bringing some smarts into your home you can make your home more accessible for longer.

Assistive lighting

Use the lighting in your home to assist you with your daily life. Nero can automatically set a lamp to specific colours depending on what you should be alerted to.

For example the lamp could turn green when there are guests at the door, blue when it’s time to take medication, and red when there is an issue such as the fridge door being left open.

Voice control

Controlling your home with your voice is the simplest way to interact with your Nero smart home. You can turn your lights on and off or even turn your TV on and off with just your voice, rather than using confusing remote controls.

You can also use your voice assistant to set reminders, timers and alarms, and to call your family easily.

Unobtusive monitoring

Nero works flawlessly with our assisted living partners, utilising discreet sensors combined with your smart appliances will help your family and carers without interfering with your day to day life.

If the sensors in your home show that there hasn’t been any bathroom activity for a few days it can help your carers know what they may need to assist you with.