The smart and energy efficient business.

Responsive Environment

Providing an environment that is comfortable, energising and well lit helps ensure higher efficiency and happiness in the workplace. 

Save Energy

Energy costs are rising and reducing your usage is a great way to save money. Feel confident that you aren’t using energy that you don’t need to be.

Automatic Actions

Nero can ensure that nothing is left on after hours and even integrate with your alarm to ensure it is never unintentionally left disarmed or doors left unlocked.

Good morning!

When the first person arrives in the morning and disarms the alarm system, Nero can automatically prepare your showroom and customer areas and enable sensor lighting throughout the rest of the building to turn lights on in areas as employees arrive.

Personalised spaces

Allow your employees to create personalised spaces, setting the lighting level, blind position throughout the day, and temperature.

You spend a lot of time in your office every day, the space should feel comfortable and welcoming to you and your visitors.

Energy efficiency

Air conditioning is one of the largest energy users in the modern office, especially those with large windows. Nero can help you be far more efficient with your heating and cooling by lowering blinds during the hottest part of the day and adjusting your AC to provide comfort at lower energy costs.

Good bye!

Let Nero ensure that everything is in the right state when everyone leaves. Lights are off except for your specified night lights, the air conditioner is off, and any high draw devices are turned off for the night.

Combine Nero with your security system and it can ensure that your monitoring is enabled for both your alarm and your cameras.