Nero Smart Builder

Build with a Nero Smart Builder and have a smart home from day one.

Your dream smart home

With a Nero Smart Builder you can move straight into a smart home on day one without any additional effort! You can even take the opportunity to add features that can be hard to retrofit, like motorised curtains and blinds.

Why build smart?

Not only will a Nero smart home be more comfortable for you, but many market research groups have found buyers are willing to spend more to purchase a house that is already kitted out with smart technologies.

Give yourself the comfort of smart tech and the knowledge that you are investing in the future value of your home.

Work with a Nero Smart Builder

Become a Nero Smart Builder

What can Nero bring your business?

Showcasing your partnership with high level technology companies highlights your vision for the future of smart homes. More and more savvy home buyers are expecting their new homes to be smart and to have at least the basic technology packages.

Nero Smart Builders have shown that leveraging and offering smart home technologies has provided them a clear differentiator in the market with has helped them sell more homes more often.

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