Nero Beta Program

Join the Nero Beta Program and test upcoming Nero features before their general release. Be a part of the future of the Nero platform.

  • About you

  • To help us correlate reports we need to know the general area that your Nero is installed in. If you have multiple locations, let us know the one where you will perform most beta testing.
  • This is the address you will receive program notifications to, such as what features are in testing and when we need feedback by.
  • Your Nero environment

  • This is the username you use to login to My Nero.
  • Please list the Nero gateways you would like to perform beta testing on. Note that if there are multiple Nero gateways on a single site you must run the beta on all of them. All gateways need to be associated with the account provided above. One serial number per entry, use the plus to add additional lines.
  • Your accounts

    These are the third party accounts you use to interact with Nero, getting our apps, controlling the gateway, etc. If you need to add accounts for other people in your home, please get them to fill out this form separately.
  • This is the username you use to access the iOS App Store.
  • This is the username you use to access the Google Play Store and Google Home.
  • This is the username you used when setting up your Alexa account and is usually the same as you use to log in to