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Australia’s Intelligent smart home and building automation solution

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Environexus believes the benefits of a smart and responsive home should be available to everyone, not only the wealthiest amongst us.

By combining the power, comfort, and convenience of the smart home with the sense of safety of a security system, Environexus is bringing the smart and secure home to the masses. The retrofit system design ensures that any home can become a smart home at an accessible price.

Australian designed, Environexus provides the Nero platform which offers freedom to customise a wide selection of innovative connected devices, to provide simple scaleable solutions the connected home. 

Environexus operates primarily within the markets for connected home technologies and smart device control.

The Company was founded in January of 2011, with the core goal of becoming a leading supplier of sustainable solutions and smart home technologies, for the commercial and residential building markets in Australia.

It has since become one of the leading brands in this segment with significant brand equity and a national network of channel partners that includes distributors, wholesalers, retailers and installers.

Environexus provides consumers with an ability to integrate lighting, energy management, security, communications and other functionalities into a unified home automation solution that can enhance daily lives.

I find the idea behind Environexus, and what it can do for everyday homes, really quite extraordinary. Here we have an Aussie company, taking on the big boys from around the world, and winning!

Johanna Griggs

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