Make your home the smartest on the block

There are many smart products available today, Nero by Environexus brings these devices together to work seamlessly as one system, only now you can experience the magic of a smart home.

What is a Smart Home?


The Nero solution offers full transparency of electrical consumption and puts the power back into your hands by allowing you to track and control energy usage in your home.


Easily control the lighting throughout your home. Nero takes your existing lights and lamps, turns them into smart, wirelessly controlled environment, all in the palm of your hand.


A smart security system can respond immediately to any intrusions by sending a notification directly to your smartphone.

Nero works with all your favourite devices

Why build your smart home with Nero?

From homes small to large, new and old, Nero delivers power and performance in one simple system. Nero coordinates the technology in your home into a complete ecosystem. Creating brilliant experiences & interactions that actually fit your lifestyle. With one touch, dim the lights, stream music, turn up the heat, lock the doors, and arm the security system. 

Energy Management

Monitor and control the energy consumption of your devices using the Nero app. Get live data on your homes energy consumption and use this to information to lower your power bills.

Lighting Control

Control the mood and ambience of your home with one touch. Access lighting in any room, at any time from anywhere in the world, providing comfort, efficiency and security.


Your home should be responsive to you. A Nero smart home offers all this and more, enabling your devices to communicate with each other, Nero helps you have a truly smart home.

Smart Security

Nero can respond immediately to any intrusions by sending a notification directly to your smartphone. Receive alerts when someone enters the house, the garage door is left open, or a door isn’t locked.

Climate Control

Discrete sensors deliver a snapshot of the environment, including light level, temperature, humidity, and UV. Intelligent motorised blinds can be programmed to respond to sunlight and glare, offering greater comfort.

Wireless Installation

Nero is a scalable retrofit wireless solution that allows you to build your dream smart home, one switch at a time. From homes small to large, new and old, all homes can benefit from Nero’s wireless technology.

How smart can your home be?

Voice control

The simplest way to control your house…your voice! Our Nero smart home solution works with both Google Home and Amazon Echo devices. Recent advancements in speech recognition technology have made a voice-controlled smart home easy & attainable with the complete Nero solution.

Remote access & monitoring

The My Nero app provides secure access to your home while you’re away. You can monitor energy usage, lock the doors, adjust the temperature, close the blinds, and turn off the lights from virtually anywhere in the world using your iOS or Android device.

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